Immigration is Not Only Important for the US, it is Essential for Humanity


We must put the world’s smartest people together with the resources needed to solve humanity’s grand challenges

In recent months many things have been written about the importance of an immigration reform for the United States that would make it easier for high-skilled professionals and entrepreneurs to obtain a visa to work in the country.

Most of the arguments are focused on the benefits that a better immigration policy could have in the American economy: winning the “talent competition” against other countriesjob creation by the entrepreneurial drive of immigrantsthe value of STEM graduates for innovation, etc.

All these arguments are true and obvious to me. It’s a no-brainer that allowing the smartest people in the world to come to this country is going to have a tremendouly positive impact on the nation’s economy.

But I want to make the case for an even bigger argument for immigration in the US.

Today, humanity is facing enormous challenges that if we fail to solve soon, could cause dramatic global catastrophes and even the potential extinction of human life. 

Global warmingnatural resources destruction, the emergence of new viruses, the nuclear threat and the probabilities of collisions with Earth, among others, realistically threaten the sustainability of human life on Earth.

I certainly believe that we have the ability to create solutions to all these grand challenges. But the only way to do it is by putting together the smartest people in the world and giving them access to the tools and resources needed to work on these problems: capital, knowledge and technology. The solutions to these problems will come from the gathering of scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and investors.

As humanity we have the imperativeness to facilitate the union of talent and resources in order to solve the world’s biggest problems.

I believe that the United States is the best positioned country in the world to be the venue for this gathering. The US accounts for thehighest amount of Venture Capital in the world (48% of the total), thetop research universities, one of the most business-friendly environments for entrepreneurs, a lingua-franca language, and as consequence one of the highest innovation index.

The US is the place where immigrants and locals are already working on solving these big world problems. A few examples include Elon Musk taking on energy and space exploration with Tesla, SolarCity and SpaceX; Vinod Khosla investing in world-changing projects with Khosla Ventures and Sergey Brin working on unbelievable projects at Google X.

As a generation with the huge responsibility of starting to solve the big problems of humanity, I believe that it is a moral obligation to facilitate the coming together of the most talented people in the world with the resources needed to develop the solutions to the grand challenges.

A United States immigration policy that attracts and makes it easy for scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and investors to come to work together in the country is not only important for the American economy but also fundamental for the future of humanity. Our future generations are counting on us to do the right thing.

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