Right place, right time

Concepción, Tucumán, Argentina

Concepción, Tucumán, Argentina

The old notion that in order to do something extraordinary one had to be “at the right place, at the right time” is no longer valid.

It might have been true in many cases in the past. Henry Ford was in Detroit at the beginning of a mechanical revolution and was lucky to stumble upon a motorized machine at a young age. Picasso traveled to Paris at the beginning of a modern art revolution in the capital of the arts in Europe. Steve Jobs was born in Silicon Valley and got to play with a computer right at the birth of the computing revolution.

But I am of the belief that the ‘right time and the right place’ are starting to no longer be necessary conditions for extraordinary achievements and global impact.

The web has made the world totally connected and has democratized the access to information and resources. Real time access to events, trends and people across frontiers is today free and within reach to anyone. International communications and mobility has never been so accesible and inexpensive. Capital and talent cross borders with an ease not seen before.

I was born and raised in Concepcion, Tucuman, Argentina. From there, after researching on Google I sent through the web applications to scholarship opportunities all over the world, until I got granted one to do my masters in Barcelona, Spain. With the help of Linkedin, Twitter, Angellist and Skype I raised a round of investment from investors in nine different countries (Chile, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, France, USA, Ukraine, Argentina and Brazil) most of whom I never met in person yet. With a talented team distributed between New York, Colombia, Argentina and UK we built and shipped mobile applications that are being downloaded and used by hounders of thousands of people all over the world. We are still in our way to do something truly extraordinary, but our story is already showing the possibilites of a new connected era.

The right place is wherever you can find a connection to the web, i.e. almost anywhere in the world.

And the right time is now, almost all the time these days. The revolutions and cycles of technological, economic and cultural nature that used to occur every a couple of decades in the past, now happen every a couple of years or sometimes even months. Driven by exponentially accelerating technologies and the immediacy of widespread of ideas and information, new world-changing opportunities arise more often than ever. And it will continue to accelerate. New revolutions are poised to start at any given moment in almost every field.

So, there you go: You are at the right place and at the right time. Go make something extraordinary.

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