10626314_10152594959244285_3721963965441563695_o-copyHello! My name is Diego Saez Gil and I’m an entrepreneur, a traveler and a seeker. I’m originally from Argentina, currently based in New York City.

I start companies to bring ideas into the world, to solve problems and hopefully make the world a better place.

I co-founded Bluesmart, where we invented the world’s first smart connected luggage system and brought it to life through a quite successful crowdfunding campaign. We took part in Silicon Valley’s Y Combinator program and went on to raise capital to scale up our innovation globally. Today Bluesmart is a global brand serving tens of thousands of travelers worldwide and growing strong.

Prior to that I co-founded WeHostels, the first mobile platform for young travelers to find affordable accommodations and connect with fellow travelers. The company was acquired by StudentUniverse (FlightCentre Group) where our products became the foundation of the company’s mobile platform.

I had the great honor to be awarded by MIT Technology Review as “Innovator under 35” and to be selected by Endeavor as “High-Impact Entrepreneur.” My companies were awarded with the RedDot Design Award, Travel Innovation Summit Award, Forbes’ Most Innovative Product, among others accolades.

Since I left my homeland Argentina almost 10 years ago I became a Traveler. I’ve lived in 5 countries and visited over 40. Traveling is my favorite way to learn, get inspired and connect with people and ideas around the world. I consider myself a seeker – I’m curious about almost every field of knowledge and am specially drawn to the “big questions”.

I like helping and mentoring other entrepreneurs when I have the time. I often get invited to speak at conferences about entrepreneurship and innovation. I enjoy sharing my experiences to help and inspire others on their own projects.

You can find me on Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and leave me a message here.