A little about me

Hi there! I’m a human being trying my best to contribute to a better planet for all. I was born and raised in the north of Argentina, at the foothills of the Yungas forests. I’m descendent of indigenous people of South America and European immigrants. Thirteen years ago, at age 25 I left Argentina with the intention of seeing the world, have adventures and make my mark. After a decade of sharpening my tools as a technology entrepreneur, living in Europe, the USA and China, I decided to put all my experience and energy on the mission of mitigating climate change by protecting and restoring nature. I co-founded Pachama, a technology company that uses artificial intelligence and satellite data to verify and monitor carbon sequestration by forests, in order to drive more funding to their conservation and restoration. In a meaningful twist of life, this year I lost my home and all my possessions to the California wildfires, a sad consequence of climate change. I’m determined to dedicate the rest of my life to work on protecting and restoring our beautiful planet’s nature.